Let me invite you for an inline skating tour combined with the freeskate lesson.

Experience Berlin in a different way and skate smoothly through the city. Sightseeing Berlin on inline skates has a very special charm. The excellent infrastructure and flat landscape made the city friendly for skaters.  On inline skates you can avoid parking and traffic jams, which gives you much more time to admire the capital. 

My name is Natalia. I am a certificated inline skating instructor living in Berlin and enjoying the city on wheels everyday.

Berlin is the largest city in the European Union. It is 45 km wide. Thanks to the wheels, we will see the city from a different perspective and combine the fun and pleasure of roller skating with a big city experience. The offer is addressed to everyone who loves to skate and has basic skating skills (smooth forward skating, braking).

Berlin and wheels are a perfect connection. 

Tour I, Must see

We will get to all the most famous places in Berlin by inline skating. The route runs along the canal in the historic center of Berlin and ends under the most recognizable symbol of the city – the TV tower. The trip will be an opportunity to learn about the history of the city and see how it has developed over the centuries. But before we set off anywhere, we will start our adventure with a warm-up and training  in the park.

The road:

  • Moabit Park
  • Brama Brandenburska
  • Tiergarten
  • Museum Island 
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • Babel Platz
  • Alexander Platz
  • TV Tower

Tour II, Green Berlin

Berlin is not only famous for postcard places. The capital is crossed by huge green areas. The route of this tour takes you through beautiful parks that are great for inline skating. On this route, we will travel from the east to the west part of Berlin, visiting attractive districts. A break for regeneration is planned in one of the charming cafes. We will end our journey at the iconic old Tempelhof airport, and then we will go to the restaurant for dinner.

  • Tiergarten
  • Potsdamer Platz
  • Gleisdreick Park
  • Victoria Park
  • City – garden
  • Tempehofer Feld
  • Cafes, Restaurants

Tour III, Berlin East – West

Where was the Berlin wall? We will answer the question skating through the border between East and west Berlin. What seems impossible to us – separating the city and habitancy with a huge wall will be the subject of our next tour. Moving from east to west on skates, you could see how Berlin’s architecture is changing. You will learn many interesting stories and places from the DDR times.

The route:

  • Gedenkstatte Berliner Mauer
  • Mauer Park
  • Moabit Skatepark
  • Alexander Platz
  • Television tower
  • Chack Point Charli
  • Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery


40 Euro – pro person, one participant

35 Euro – pro person, two participants

30 Euro – pro person, three participats

25 Euro – pro person, four or more participats

What’s includes the price?

  • 1,5 – 2 h guiding on inline skates in Berlin
  • 1,5 h inline skating workshop
  • 1 h sightseeing
  • 0,5 h break in one of the charming cafes
  • integration dinner in recommended restaurant

Duration of one tour: 4 – 5 h (the time of the trip depends on the speed of the participants, the time of the trip does not include stop in the cafe and dinner at the end)

Maximum number of participants: 12 people

The price does not include:

  • admission tickets
  • spending in cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops

About me:

I am a huge fan of Berlin. This city delights me with its diversity and rich history. It is a capital where history meets modernity. Everyone who comes here can feel free and familiar. My original routes are the result of moving around the city on inlie skates and getting to know Berlin from the perspective of an inhabitant.

I have been a licensed inline skating instructor since 2015. I like the most free ride around the city and tricks that combine various disciplines – freeskate, freestyle slalom, wizzard skating, spinning and jumping tricks. I’m the owner of ice ‚n’ roll school, which has been founded since 2016 in Toruń, Poland.

During trips, despite showing you Berlin, I will teach you how to move around the city dynamically and stylishly. I will also show you how to use an urban infrastructure to do tricks and take you to the best roller skating spots in Berlin.

Book your tour

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Phone Number +48 609 768 148

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